For a proactive mission of Business Executive head hunting, it is essential to have a good balance between managerial competencies and knowledge of the Sector in the one hand and a clear outline of the experiences required to accomplish the new responsibilities successfully in the other hand.

This first essential step allows us to cross-reference our expertise with the client one in order to target very precisely the required profile.

In fact, even though it is often reassuring to look for a profile from the same sector, it does not guarantee that the individual will be successful in the new position, especially in a new structure.

We identify profiles taking into account the whole array of professional experiences that a candidate might have had such as : repositioning, reorganization, change management, development and growth in France or internationally, expatriation in emerging or mature markets, multi-sites management, multicultural teams, member of Board of Direction etc..

Our job is to approach the profiles identified to validate their competencies, and discuss with them the client project in several steps and within the required confidentiality.

After that comes the evaluation phase which will highlight the primary strengths and ability to adapt to the new enterprise culture if necessary.