This evaluation can be required in the context of an internal or external selection process, of talent detection or when accompanying a candidate into a new position, for instance.

We can therefore evaluate with precision :

-  Professional behavior : motivations, behavioral competencies, optimal working environment, context of ease and uncomfort for a candidate

-  Cognitive capabilities : learning potential, adaptability, mental agility, verbal eloquence, numeracy,and ability to resolve professional issues of different degree of complexity

-  Intelligence according to the different situations for Sales or Managerial functions, which allow us to assess the candidates' style in their function and the performance levers.

Thanks to digital solutions and real case situations (reasoning tests, professional behavior questionnaires, role play, exercises in tray) used according to the Assessment Center methodology (individual or team), we are able to provide a detailed report to our client afer validation by the candidate. This report can become a referential for the personal and professional development of the candidate.

We can also be consulted on the following subjects :

-  Professional Development for teams (team cohesion, Board of Directors for example) or individual to resolve specific issues

-  Training program around specific human resources issues : interviews, competency assessment, tailor made Assessment Centers.