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Our Team

Jean-François Decrop

Jean-François Decrop, Founder, is specialised in head hunting Leaders with expertise in the
sector of Life Sciences, Industry and New Technologies.
Jean-François has over 15 years experience in recruiting and head hunting in large international Agencies, where he also held Directorship positions.
Jean-François is an Industrial Engineer (HEI 96), and is trilingual French, English and Spanish.

Paul Blanvillain

Paul Blanvillain, Associate Partner , is specialised in head hunting Executive profiles and experts in the following sectors : Technical Consultancy, Information System, New Technologies.
Paul has over 15 years experience in Human Resources consultancy and has Financial experience in enterprise.
Paul is trained in Finance (DESCF), is bilingual in French and English.

Mélanie Cauchois

Mélanie Cauchois, Associate Partner, is specialised in development of competencies, professional consultation, behavioral evaluations and Assessment Center methodologies.
Melanie has over 15 years of experience in Human Resources, both in enterprise and with an Agency. Amongst other things, Melanie created a Business Unit specialised in Assessment for a large international Agency.
Melanie is a clinical and labor Psychologist and is bilingual in French and English.